meet shade


"artist. athlete. dj. student. everything." -shadyy

yooo! the name's jaylon virgil but, since we're cool, you can call me shadyy. i am currently 19 and a student at the university of miami (the U babyy) studying computer science! i was born and raised in the dmv (dc, maryland, virginia ...for those who aren't hip). growing up, it did not take me long to realize i was especially talented. not gonna lie, in hindsight i did not take advantage of my gits as much as i should have when i was younger. because i picked up rather quickly and easily on most things, i often treated my talents as if it we no big deal, neglecting to use them.


interestingly enough, i also did not like the fact some people did not like that i was "too good" at everything.however, once again, it did not take me long to recognize the value of my abilities and the insignificance of other's opinions of my life. i've since grown to understand my obligation to continue learning new things, develop my character, and utilize my skills to make this crazy world a better place. 

wait, almost forgot to mention the juicy info your'e looking for. i've been an artist for as long as i can remember. i taught myself to dj, created my business when i was 13, and have grown exponential since. i played sports all my life, mainly football and track but just started boxing last year. dassit.  -shade


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